Engraving finishing

2b stone is ready to manufacture and supply all Alabaster artwork shall be requested.

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this surface’s produced manually, using both Chises and Hammers

it’s mainly used in wall cladding and facades

Applications : Walls & Floors (Interior & Exterior).
2b stone used modern C.N.C machine Especially for manufacturing our marble and granite products to produce best quality for every finishing we manufactured such tumbled marble tile, tumbled stone tile, tumbled tile, tumbled marble, tumbled limestone,tumbled granite, polished marble tile, polished marble floor tiles, polishing marble, stone polishing,polishing granite, polished marble floor tiles, honed marble, honed stone, honed granite, honed limestone, honed tile, brushed marble, brushed stone, brushed granite, brushed limestone, brushed tiles, split face tiles, split face stone, split face tiles grey, split face mosaic tiles, split face stone tile, split face marble, acid wash granite, acid wash marble, flamed granite, flamed marble, flamed granite tile, flame stone,flamed finish granite tiles, engraved marble, stone engraving, marble engraving, granite engraving, engraved stones, stone engraving, engraved limestone, sandblast Marble, sandblast granite and all finishes that suit your style.