Acid wash Finishing

it’s a chemical treatment applied to the stone surface

Split Face Finishing

This finish showcases the natural beauty and earthy tone of the Stone.

Flamed Finishing

Achieved by heating the surface of the stone to extreme temperatures

Brushed Finishing

A glossy antique surface, making to perfect choice for your interior floors

Tumbled Finishing

it’s commonly used for natural stone tiles

Honed Finishing

provides a flat, matte or satin finish creating a more informal and softer look.

Polished Finishing

Shiny mirror finish marble, limestone and granite slabs spectacular mirror-like finish

Saw cut Finishing

 Mark the marble with wide tape and then the saw makes Cut holes. Make sink cutouts.


Working the surface with a pointed hammer creates uneven irregularities in the structure of the tile. Feels rather rough, with an anti-slip effect

Striped Finishing

Often used for paving stones and façade cladding. The parallel lines on the surface are typical of this finish.

Chiseled Finishing

This surface is produced manually by using chisel and hammer and is used mainly in wall cladding and facades

Engraving finishing

2b stone is ready to manufacture and supply all Alabaster artwork shall be requested.